How to Make Allergy-Friendly Crepes!


Look.  I live in the land of nalesniki.  Which, in non-Polish speak, is crepes.

We love them.

We make them.

We eat them.

And this takes place on a weekly basis.

On top of the fact that they are amazingly simple to make, they just look so fancy, and they taste so good.

They are a win-win all around, and you can make them allergy-friendly.  So, that’s the best of all!

And, this round, we even sprayed a mini-muffin tin and made oven-bake bites.  They were a hit.  My daughter devoured all of them before anyone else got one.

The early bird, apparently, gets the nalesniki bites!

nalesniki bites

Here’s what we substitute:

When it calls for milk, we use rice milk

When it calls for butter, we use oil (not typically olive oil as it is quite heavy on the taste—grape seed oil is light tasting)

Otherwise, it’s proste (simple).

How do you fill them, you may wonder…

Jam, berries, bananas, cookie butter, or simply sprinkle a little powder sugar across the top.

Other ideas:  rice and meat

And always:  Savory sauce (if you use the savory recipe) or sweet syrup if you make the sweet.


Click here for the fantastic recipe:  Polish Crepes


In my opinion, this is a fail-proof recipe.  I am not even Polish and can make them as good as any Polish babcia out there (those could be fighting words 😉 ).

Key to making them work:  Have your non-stick pan heating on high while making the batter.  Whisk the batter with each new ingredient so that it will be perfectly smooth.  Turn your burner down to medium, and then pour the batter in and swirl it around the pan so that it will be thin (like a nalesniki/crepe should be).  After that, give it a few moments until the edges begin to curl up.  Lastly, using a soft spatula, flip it over.  Side two should only cook for a few moments, as well.

Good to know:  We double this recipe and also add a dash of vanilla.  If it is not doubled, it will not likely feed your entire family, they are THAT good!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or try this at home on your own.

As always,

xoxo b (Allergy Max’s mom)



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