It just tickles…


My son came to me yesterday with swollen lips, refusing to eat any more of the once deemed safe bread roll I always bought him. I looked carefully at his face to see what else may be reacting.  Nose? Eyes?  Breathing? 

Just his lips.

So I said, Max, do you have owies?

No, Mom. It just tickles.

And just like that the once store bought bread roll that was my fast food go-to for my allergy kid is now out the window.


Because “It just tickles” means so much more…

It means it bothers him so much that he won’t even be able to finish it even though he is so hungry.

“It just tickles” means he is probably tired of saying it’s itchy or hurts.

“It just tickles” means he’s trying to still be a kid but letting me know something is wrong.

Allergies suck.  And I suck at this allergy-parenting thing. 

I am sure many of you out there feel the same.  

Now I need to go grocery shopping because I am out of food for this kid.  

But first up—coffee for mom.  

Xo b


2 thoughts on “It just tickles…”

  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry. Allergies do suck. I can empathize. My kiddo’s allergic to sunflower (among a rather long list of other things). The one brand of tortilla chips that didn’t contain sunflower oil changed their ingredients and now it has it, too. Big bummer. No more chips and guac or salsa. I imagine the other shoppers wonder what is wrong with me as I pick up and return every bag of tortilla chips to the shelf with tears in my eyes every time I go to the grocery store. One more thing for me to make from scratch. It’s so hard. But with God’s help, we allergy mommas can do this. Blessings, Christina

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