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No bake dairy and nut free S’mores!

Unfortunately for me, these s’mores aren’t so easy to make—it has taken the collaboration of 3 countries:  Holland, The United States, and Poland.  But since I’ve gathered all the products together under one Polish roof, my allergy kid has had a blast making and especially eating his no-bake smores.  If you don’t have the exact products where you are, have fun trying to find substitutions !  

We used:  marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, and non-dairy chocolate sprinkles.

Let me tell you, after compiling such a fun snack, there is only one thing left to say, “Smacznego!”

The Teal Pumpkins—Be aware!

We live in Poland.  Very few people Trick or Treat.  My daughter hosts an annual party for her class—so that means I control the treats 🙂

BUT—if we were to be in the States, I would be SO GRATEFUL to see these at people’s homes.  I remember the ONE time Max did Trick-or-Treat in the USA.  He was not quite 2 but super allergic to nuts and dairy.  HE WANTED ALL THE CANDY the others were eating but we were all like “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF MAX!”  and fighting through the kids’ bags to find the sugar-based candies (yes, we’re such good parents—ONLY SUGAR, PLEASE 😉 ).

Anyhow—while it was a truly delightful experience—it was also a very paranoid experience.

So TEAL IS GOOD…And, if we ever reside Stateside again, I will make sure that we have a TEAL PUMPKIN out on our porch for all the littles like my Max.

And their moms and dads…

Because I know EXACTLY how they feel!


Here’s an article you can read about Teal Pumpkins and Allergy-Kid Safety:


Unintentional Allergy Pumpkin!

My allergy kid doesn’t live where Trick or Treating is common, so he has never really been.  But we still have a lot of fun this season—and despite not knowing about this #tealpumpkin thing-y, he still made his own pumpkin—and it turned out all allergy friendly!  How cute!!!

I’m heartbroken—but don’t know how I feel about this…

Perhaps you can help me here….

My heart is beyond heartbroken for this family—but there has to be more to this story for such a settlement…

My son is 4 now, and he will not even touch an item proffered him unless he is certain that his mom says he can.

When he grows—I know I will not always be around to monitor this for him.  And yet—that means—he will have to himself.

I understand that this precious girl’s allergy was known—but does that mean the camp should be completely peanut free?

My daughter, when in the States, went to a school that had a separate table for peanut free kids.

I mean—technically—walking down the chip/snack aisles at grocery stores can be a hazard for my son.  He knows to literally touch nothing at the grocery store.

But does that mean the grocery store goes peanut free?

There are a million hazards in the world.  My kid has a very deadly one of them…but is it the world’s job to be on guard 24-7 for my son???

I just am so heartbroken for this family—but I am not sure I agree with the settlement.

I think I would need to know far more to understand how a camp could be held so responsible for this extremely tragic death…

Always always always on high alert for my precious boy and mourning this precious girl and yet trying to realize that the world still turns even though it’s a difficult walk through it.

Perhaps you have some thoughts on this???

xo b

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Real Life. Real Struggles. THANKFULLY Real Recipes!


I can’t figure out this internet thing—although I manage a couple blogs.  But it is still a mystery to me.

Like life.

My husband.


And allergies.

So at least the internet should not feel bad or all alone.  I have a whole collection of people it can gather together with while I stare at them all with dumbfoundedness (is that a word?)

And, since I am unable to figure it out, I will not be able to reblog it…Instead, I will simply refer you to this word HERE.  Yes, click HERE!

And you will find truths about hovering around your allergy child as well as quite a few fun and yummy recipes!

Here’s to you—helicopter mom and dad!

Keep us the good work.

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The Worst Part About Parenting a Child With Food Allergies…

Do you honestly want to know one of the FIRST things I did when I left all 3 of my children with my hubs and went to visit my family in Arizona????


And I felt guilty the ENTIRE time.

I ate them thinking that I shouldn’t.  After all, we have been a SERIOUSLY peanut-free home for at least 2 years.

And, second of all, I felt as if I was cheating on my kid Maxwell (that I could kill with my peanuts)…AND ESPECIALLY my daughter Adelyne (age 10—no allergies) because she was suppose to be on the trip with me—eating peanuts right alongside of me.  Snacking.  On peanuts.  No worries.  Carefree…

At home, if she EVER eats a peanut at a friend’s home or touches one—she has to immediately wash her hands and brush her teeth—and then MAKE SURE that her toothbrush is not touching her brother’s (just in case there is cross-contamination in toothbrush remnants???!!!).

Friends…you should seriously know that it is not just the allergy kid—NOR the allergy parents—that live every single moment of their days on edge…It’s the siblings, too.

And it is just as tough for them—especially because they are kids.  WE MAKE MISTAKES as parents in regards to our kids and their allergies.  Which means, kids make mistakes, too.  After all, they are kids.

Here is one mom’s honest look on raising her now 9-year-old who lives with egg and peanut allergies, featured on Huffington Post.

As a mom of a bubble boy (pretty much he ONLY will touch or eat food I hand him personally)…


I hear her.

Notice each of my kids have their own bubble blowers???  BECAUSE MAX DOESN’T SHARE ANYTHING that goes in his mouth.  After all, Josephine ate yogurt for lunch.  He welts at the touch of milk…he vomits at the ingestion of beef…he breaks out to the peanut kiss.

Did I say, I hear her????  Because I do.

Enjoy the read found on Huffington Post:  The Worst Part About Parenting a Child With Food Allergies

xo b

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